Your Favorite Fruit Reveals Your Character And Personality

We all enjoy eating our favorite fruit because it is healthy, natural and is an excellent substitute for the sweet, given that some fruits are very rich in natural sugar.

The selection of favorite fruit knows a lot about your character, this theory is more than 2,000 years old and first appeared in ancient Japan. The way we treat people, the clothes we choose, the way we act and talk to people, family and friends, and even what we are when we are angry and ready for a fight – it may be learned from our favorite fruit.

Scientists claim that the favorite fruit is a reliable indicator of the type of personality. The fruit has a certain symbolism, attributed magical properties, and the answer to the question what kind of person you are is going to be given exactly from your favorite fruits.

First Apple

Cheerful and joyful people who do not like risk and always play it safe loves Apples. These people are fair players that never foster a fraud and avoid quarrels, conflicts, and rumors. They are too cordial individuals, always ready to meet and help everyone. You can rely on them at all time. People often see them as naive, so often they are victims of swindling. In love they have realistic expectations, they do not live in the clouds and will never lose their head because of love.

2nd Orange

Orange is the favorite fruit of strong personalities, but these individuals are often unavailable, closed and difficult to win. It takes a lot of time and effort they open, indicate their confidence and accept you as friends. They are also prone to sudden mood swings, easily get angry and often pronounced ugly words and later regrets. Fans have the orange exquisite sexual tension, but they are not prone to long relationships.

3rd Strawberry

Funny, cordial and hospitable people love strawberries. They rejoice in little things and want to please themselves, but also their loved ones. These people hurt injustice, they are very fair and will stand in someone’s defense, no matter the consequences. Although they are open and good, if you harm them, they will hardly forgive. In love, they are open, abhor lies and cheating.

4th Banana

Banana suggests mild and soft figures, although these characteristics would not be granted at first sight. People who love bananas are sentimental, sensitive to criticism and emotional. They are characterized by volatility and sudden changes of decisions at the last minute. Often they regret over their actions and care too much about the impression that they leave on the environment. In love they are totally devoted, all their relationships are fatal but very possessive.

5th Grape

Grape is loved by the friendly people who are true team players. They are also excellent organizers, born leaders, and collaborators. You can always trust them. Good at keeping secrets, very ambitious and cultural. They are fine, subtle and thoughtful people. Can often push too hard with their rigor and criticism, but they are not malicious since they do everything to help others and to encourage them to be better. They love up to the limits, they are partner prone which means they forgive everything, even treachery, and cheating.


6th Cherry

Cherry reveals reasonable extraordinary person and unpredictable character. Cherry is loved by specific people who never resemble like others. They do anything they want, as usual. However, they are prone to defer relationships, and in love they are unattainable.7th ApricotApricot lovers are charming, seductive and want luxury and expensive things. They are constantly in a hurry and very much appreciate the work, the effort, and commitment. They are friendly and enjoy outings and parties. They are ideal partners for a long relationship.

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