Tips To Improve Mental Health In The Old Age

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Most people start getting worried about their physical health by the time they attain their old age. They often visit the doctors and also take medicines as prescribed by him to keep himself free from age-related diseases. However, in the process, they tend to ignore one very important aspect of health – mental health. A person can be healthy in the holistic sense only if he is both physically and mentally healthy. There are certain ways in which a person can stay mentally healthy during his old age.

Learn something of your choice

There are a number of things that we wanted to do but could not accomplish because of our busy schedule during the middle-age. These may include learning a language, writing a novel and getting a book published, attending seminars and lectures and learn new software on the internet. But now since you have a lot of time, you can always take up one such activity and keep yourself busy. You can also revive an old hobby or develop a new one. These may include reading, gardening, golfing, playing an instrument, solving puzzles and a whole lot of things. Do not think twice and go ahead with one of these activities.

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Physical exercise

Physical exercises always keep you healthy and are particularly important in the old age when the body requires huge dose to remain physically fit and mentally active. Working out daily not only improves blood circulation, but also lowers body fat and helps you fight diseases. Because the person need not be concerned about his physical ailments always, he is mentally content, has less of depression and anxiety, which in turn lessens prolonged disease like obesity and dementia. A morning walk also keeps you healthy and keeps your cholesterol under control.

Spend time with your grandchildren

In the old age, becoming grandparents and leaving your progenies behind can be one of the greatest achievements ever. It has been observed that those grandparents who are in touch with their grandchildren and get to spend some time with them are both mentally and physically healthy than those who cannot. You can not only get back to your childhood days and learn a lot more from them, but these young people can help you remain youthful and fit.

Right time to socialize

Old age is the right time to socialize and keep in touch with friends regularly. All these years, you did not get the golden opportunity to socialize with old friends, because of your hectic schedule and other priorities. Even social interactions in the park and other public places keep the mind active. You will also get conscious in the way you look and dress up and this in turn will make you happy. These days you can also leverage the social networking sites to be in touch with old friends.

Take up short travels

You can consider taking up short trips that are really enjoyable. This will not only make you feel happy mentally but will also have a positive impact on your overall health and well being.

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