Hate Humidty? So Does Your Hair: Tips For Keeping Every Hair In Place

Humidity is SO not a girl’s best friend. When it comes to heat, we often dread what will happen to our makeup but what about our hair?

Humidity in extreme temperatures has the power to turn the most sculpted hairstyle into a flat dud. Planning on traveling to humid temperatures or even relocating? Then you’ll want to make sure you know how to style your hair so that it works with the weather instead of against it – your tresses will thank you!


In case you weren’t aware, humidity is a major enemy when it comes to hair. Even just a few minutes in humid weather can turn any hair type into the ugliest version of itself. For example, exposing straight hair to humidity results in limp, flat hair that tends to stick to the scalp like a second skin.

Curly hair types in humid weather transform into a huge, frizzy mess as if each strand of hair is trying to run away. The bottom line: it ain’t pretty. So what is the solution? While you can’t change the weather, you can teach your hair to adapt to its new environment. This means finding suitable hairstyles that work with the humidity.

The easiest hairstyle to pull on in humid weather is a ponytail. Don’t want to sport a boring style? These days ponytails are anything but boring. You can wear a ponytail high for a voluminous effect or low for a sleeker style. Pair it with fringe bangs or create a side part and wear your long bangs in a sexy, sweeping style that goes across your forehead and tucked behind your ear.

Dress it up with hair accessories or tease it up for a wild look. Women that want to wear their hair down with no worries should look into getting a long layered cut. This popular hairstyle works well with humidity because it is less prone to becoming frizzy. This style is ideal for straight hair. To keep your long, layered tresses in place, you’ll want to purchase a hair product that contains anti-frizz properties and anti-humectants, which are specially formulated to fight humidity.

This same hair type can also benefit from braiding their hair before going out in humid weather. Braids keep each strand in place and prevent frizzy or limp hair. There are tons of braided hairstyles available, which can be found online. You can choose braids that are sexy and sleek or funky and fun.

Women with shorter hair will have the toughest time making their hairstyle work with the humid weather. Because there is less hair to work with, chances are you may not be able to pull your hair back into a ponytail. However, you can try a textured cut that works for your hair length that will cut down on frizz when outdoors.

Another possible solution is to purchase hair care products that are designed to tackle humidity while keeping your tresses in place. Check out hair care products with voluminizing formulas. Also, add a reliable holding spray that contains voluminizing ingredients and anti-humectants as well as a serum that contains silicone to smooth tresses down and fight frizz.

However, it is important that you avoid putting too many products into your hair at once. Excess residue from hair care products attracts humidity and can cause your hair to fall flat fast. So only use your hair care products as needed.

Hairstyle Tips For Seniors

Getting older has never been hotter than now. More than ever, women in their 50s, 60s and older are looking better than ever. No one says you have to stick to the worn, old granny hairstyles of decades back. Learn how to be a stylish mature woman by sporting a hairstyle that accentuates your face and helps to take the years off your complexion.

First things first – you no longer have to be afraid of going gray. Oftentimes the worst senior hairstyles are those that have obviously been dyed a different color. Unless you’re extremely fortunate, chances are you’re going to develop a lot of gray hair as you get older. Instead of trying to hide it or fake being a different hair color altogether, many senior women are embracing their grays as sexy silver-haired foxes.


For senior women with a head full of gray hairs, you can easily have your hair dyed a uniformly flattering gray or silver shade. This will create a great shock of color that is gorgeous and will make you stand out from any crowd – in a good way. With your hair color set, you can choose a cut and style that will bring out the best in your grays.

By being comfortable with gray hair, you can bring about a sense of confidence that will make any hairstyle look great on you. If you prefer to dye your hair, then opt for a color that is a few shades lighter than your current color. This will help disguise new gray hairs and prevent telltale roots from cropping up among your new color.

Another way your hair can take the years off your face is to add bangs. Be sure to choose the proper bang length for your face shape. Even sporting short, wispy bangs can take years off your complexion and give you a youthful appearance. Want something dramatic? Then opt for a sexy pixie cut, but make sure your face shape will complement your cut.

Oval face shapes can pull off this look and just about any other type of hairstyle. When done right, a pixie cut can make any senior face look softer or enhance sharp features in a positive way. The pixie cut is perfect for seniors that don’t want to spend a lot of time fussing with their hair or using a ton of hair care products.

Not sure you can commit to having shorter hair? Then get together with a professional hair stylist and look into getting long, soft layers. This style looks especially great for seniors with strong or sharp features. When framed around the face, the layered look can bring a whole new look to your face. Additionally, longer layers allow for more flexibility in styles, from curls to waves and even a messy bun.

Looking for a happy medium? Then try out the bob. This hairstyle looks great on seniors and is fairly low maintenance. Sporting a bob hairstyle looks best when paired with sexy bangs. Because the style isn’t too long or too short, you can still play around with wearing it different ways or using hair accessories. Additionally, this style doesn’t require a lot of hair care products to keep it looking great.