Almond Joy Coffee Creamers

The Secret of Almond Joy Coffee Creamers Revealed

Almond Joy Coffee Creamer is an exquisite brand of International Delight that is indeed transforming the lives of coffee-lovers. Are you are regular coffee drinker looking to spice up your coffee experience? Have you tried flavored coffee blends but you still want more flavor? Coffee is a daily morning brew for most people.

Some people would not just get out of the house in the morning without having a cup of coffee or at least carrying one coffee cup for the road. However, this daily routine can turn to just another habit if you do not spice it up and take your coffee experience to the next level. The solution to this anomaly is the Almond Joy Coffee Creamer.

What is it?

This is a limited edition coffee creamer that is liquid in form. It is very easy to use since all you need to do is just add a tablespoon, which is equivalent to 15 milliliters, to your regular brewed coffee. Only one table spoon should be added to a regular 6-8 oz cup of coffee.

Once you add the creamer to your cup of coffee, an instant transformation occurs; from plain coffee to a creamy, velvety and delicious cup of coffee. The flavor will not be overbearing but just enough to let you enjoy the smell and flavor of the coffee creamer.

Some people are tempted to add a couple of teaspoons of the creamer into their coffee cup to make the flavor more pronounced. However, this is not advisable due to the calories and sugar present in the coffee creamer.

What is its Flavor?

The Almond Joy Coffee Creamer flavor is heavenly, just like the Almond joy bar. If you like candy, you will definitely love the creamer. The coffee creamer tastes exactly like the candy, save for the texture since the candy is solid.

Before you even drink the creamed cup of coffee, you nostrils will be hit by the delicious coconut flavor from the cup. Be sure to enjoy the smell before taking your first sip. The first taste you will experience will be that of coconut cream then followed by the taste of almond.

There is a chocolate flavor on the background. If you have a sweet tooth and love this blend of flavors, you will love this creamer since it is super sweet and the flavor is very tantalizing.

Are there Nutritional Benefits?

Just like any other food or additive you partake, it is important to establish the nutritional facts of the Almond joy coffee creamer. The creamer has a nutritional upside and down side, just like most food do. The upside is that the creamer is cholesterol free and has no sodium.

The creamer also gives the body about 6.0 grammes of carbohydrate and 1.5 grammes of fat per serving. However, on the downside, the creamer contains high amounts of sugar and saturated fats. Furthermore, each serving has at least 35 calories content. It is, therefore, important to watch how much of the creamer you put into your cup of coffee.

The Almond joy coffee creamer is a limited edition meaning that it is available for a limited time span, therefore go for it now and transform your morning brew experience.